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The Aquatic Centre, Edinburgh

The Aquatic Centre Marine Home Page
Marine Home

Neon goby

We stock the best marines in Scotland

We have  a centralized marine system, supplied to our own specifications from Tropical Marine Centre. This system enables us to give the marine hobbyist stock that is in first class condition every day of the year. We stock a great variety of species and our prices, we belive, are the best around. Just click on the image below to see our current stock list.

download marines in stock file

Squirrel fish

We also stock a great selection of Marine invertebrates, Soft corals, Hard corals and Living rock. The living rock, soft and hard corals are not kept on our centralised system. They are in stand alone system's that are just protein skimmed and filtered by living rock. We cure all living rock before sale and with prices starting from 8.50 per kilo it represents great value.

Colorful corals & seaslug

Great Deals on Marine Equipment